Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I realized yesterday that I failed in my duty to post some of the photos from my time at the agency. So here goes:

Cat Food Shoot - Aug 2-3

The director and crew prepare a shot

Our view of the proceedings, from the video assist monitor. And yes, the actress is holding a fake cat.

A real cat... one of the three that travelled all the way from Amsterdam for the shoot

Black shirt + White cat = Bad News

Car Commercial Shoot - Aug 12
Some photos from Castel Films. No photos of the car though, because it's TOP SECRET!

Monica draws her guns in the old west

Roxana and Monica check out the cannon balls

Ready to be fired out of the cannon

Here my favorite of the studio lot mutts. I really wanted to take her home. When she stood up she was about the same height as when she was lying down because of her stumpy legs. I named her "Shorty" but she really only responded to "food."
Those are Oscar statues. Toppled like Lenin! Have they no respect?!?!

And here's something REALLY strange. In inner cities in the US, kids used to tie shoes together and toss them over telephone lines. In Bucharest, you tie water bottles filled with questionable substances together and throw them over telephone lines. Guess they don't want to waste their shoes... Very wise, if you ask me.


Marcusrodri said...

In my town you can also find hanging bottles full of water or other transparent liquid (although it is more common with plastic bags). Their function there is supposed to scary flies when they see themselves reflected. Strange eh! Can you imagine a fly being scared of itself when sees those big eyes augmented x10 on the water? I have never believed in this method, and the water is not hanging in phone lines. Oh well, so there is no relation with the Romanian bottles...unless romanian flies fly higher than spanish flies.mmmm. Wish you a nice flight tomorrow I guess you don't want to write another of your airport stories....

NoellieBellie said...

Gracias caracol. Good explanation... but it doesn't seem to work on the Romanian flies. They fear nothing.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Happy travels. More shots of your Munich frothy coffee? How about a picture of the restaurant so we all can find it on our next trip to Munich?

NoellieBellie said...

No time for coffee in Munich this time, which is a good thing! I went straight from one plane, through customs, then security, then to the other end of the next terminal and made it just in time for boarding!