Monday, March 05, 2007

2007 Inaugural BBQ!

Considering the weather has been sunny and in the 70s (or in the 20s for you non-Americans) of late, we decided it was high time for BBQ season to start! The plan is to continue them at least twice a week as long as the weather permits with rotating guest lists ... We have to enjoy the terrace as much as possible while we are still Calatrava Guapos!

Weiners at the ready

Bertrand, George, Chris

Marco in his favorite place

Look how happy he is!!!

My dad with Juha and Mari

Tom, Ila, and Juan

With Matteo, Rafa, Marco, and George

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Anonymous said...

You make the MBA experience look like too much fun. Soon everyone will want to join the IESE MBA program. Have you checked with the admissions department to see if applications went up since the arrival of your very funny blog? You should survey the incoming class to see how many followed your blog. IESE might want to make you a permanent student just to increase their applications. That would solve your graduation woes.