Friday, March 16, 2007

Week of Insanity (My Favorite Kind!)

I have been a crappy blogger again. Partly because on Friday I was literally a crappy blogger... but I digress.

After my day of insanity last Wednesday, I was looking forward to a rather relaxed Thursday / Friday, but it wasn't meant to be. I had final projects to work on for two classes, due Monday and Tuesday, the Spring Fling to help coordinate, and photos to take of the Private Equity and Venture Capital conference. Nowhere near as hectic as Wednesday, but still plenty to keep me busy.

And it was fine! Great, in fact. Until the croquetas struck. Friday. 1pm. Lunch. Bad move. By 2:30 I was making very good friends with the bathroom... something I won't go into too much detail about, but which lasted, all told, for nearly 12 hours. I slept, on and off, from 7pm until 6am Saturday, with obvious breaks for sprints to the bathroom, and felt surprisingly okay Saturday morning.

Well enough, in fact, to decide to head to Montjuic for the annual Spring Fling. Five soccer games, a rugby match, and two basketball games later, I was slightly sunburned, certainly dehydrated, and absolutely delighted to have made it to the event at all... and, as an added bonus, we won! I got home at 8pm, slept for a few hours, and headed to the party at Otto Zutz. I was tired, but I wasn't going to miss the second party in a row or the chance to see old friends from other business schools.

Sunday was a day of rest. Very biblical. Well, it was also a day to see the doctor to make sure I was back to normal and to have lunch with friends. And do laundry. And read cases. Hmmm I should get better at the resting thing.

Monday and Tuesday, classes, cases, and final project submissions. My friend Ilmi arrived from NYC on Monday, ready to see the sights. So of course I had to oblige. Wednesday at Montserrat and yesterday at Costa Brava, where we had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Tragamar. YUM.

Last night we had our Class of 2007 dinner followed by the BOW at an unbelievable bar called La Fira, which is a fun-house sort of place, with crazy mirrors and swings. Really wild. Within five minutes, Marco asked me, "Why haven't we ever been here before?! I love it!" And I agree... maybe we'll have to go back soon.

So now there are only two weeks left of class and my time will be mostly spent organizing our graduation party and the MBA Olympics. Plenty to keep me busy now that all my papers and projects are done. Hard to believe it has been a year and a half...

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