Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Week In Review... One more to go

Because I was running around like a lunatic for the past week, I haven't had time to sift through my photos, let alone post them. So here goes.

Let's start with the Spring Fling. Awesome weather, lots of sports, old friends from other schools, great parties, and .... we won! Woo hoo!

The IESE chicas:

How to score while being attacked:

Rabid fans Abanis and Srini:

My friend Ilmi arrived Monday and we went to Montserrat Wednesday and Costa Brava Thursday. There ended our out-of-town escapades because we had too many late nights on the town, so we kept it real in Barcelona, ending the week with an afternoon BBQ on the roof.

Marco and Ilmi on the grill:

Valerio, Chris, and George

Chris and Kathi

Is this any way to have a conversation? George, Madhur, and Valerio:

Team BBQ:

I dared Ilmi (and offered 10 euro) to eat a sardine and ice cream at the same time.


Ice Cream:



But it appears to give you energy:

I don't need sardines and ice cream for energy:

In other news, it's Tuesday night and I'm already done with classes for the week. And in fact, some of my classes have already finished completely. Social Entrepreneurship ended weeks ago, and Huy and I turned in our final project on Monday. Sports Management finished last week, and Bertrand, Alexia, Jorge and I presented our final project (on a tennis tournament here in Barcelona) last Tuesday. My final paper which I wrote with Diego for Etica was turned in Tuesday afternoon. And today we had our last Entrepreneurial Finance class. This morning I gave my final speech for Diplomacy & The Art of Management. That leaves two classes and two exams next week: Globalization & Strategy and Etica. Hard to believe there is only one week left.

Aside from preparing for my exams, my time in the coming days will be consumed with organizing the graduation party (next week), my road trip through Spain (April), and the Olympics (May), and of course job interviews. One tomorrow and another on Thursday. An MBA student's work is never done!


George said...

These pictures are clearly a fake noelle. Look at george, he has two different t-shirts in the same event!

NoellieBellie said...

That's because one is the "formal" t-shirt you put on just before the Swedish model arrived. It's nice to see you care about her so much George! ;) Lucky lady!