Thursday, March 08, 2007

A true humpday

Somehow yesterday I managed to survive a day that looked like this:

5:00am wake up
5:30am taxi to airport
6:50am Flight to Palma de Mallorca
7:15am Walk 10K through Palma airport to next gate, while wishing I were wearing a bathing suit and not a business suit
8:55am Flight to Paderborn
11:30am Drive to Gutersloh
12:15pm Interview #1 and lunch
1:00pm Interview #2
2:00pm Interview #3
3:00pm Interview #4
4:00pm Drive to Hannover
7:00pm Flight to Barcelona

And, as expected, I was very happy to arrive home at Calatrava at 10pm last night, throw my suit on a hanger, and have a glass of wine.


Anonymous said...

This looks more like a schedule from Mission Impossible.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the tops.
An old pal

NoellieBellie said...