Friday, March 02, 2007

The Good, The Blair, and The Random

My dad, "The Blair", arrived yesterday evening and, good sport that he is, agreed to hop on the back of my moto, hang on for dear life as we cruised down Diagonal, and attend the Reverse Random Dinner hosted by Tucker and Nick. The Reverse Random is payback time for the first years who were hosted by second years during the first term, and we second year students (and their baffled fathers) are supposedly randomly allocated amongst first year homes. But, as my father is an old friend of Tucker's dad, I have my doubts about the randomness of it all.

Nevermind! The vino was fabuloso, the chili was zesty, the company was entertaining, and the BOW followed at Sol. All this after a few hours of rugby on a beautiful, sunny Thursday afternoon in Barcelona. What more could you want from a Thursday?

Anyway my dad is in town to give a talk at the annual Doing Good Doing Well conference here at IESE, which is the largest student-run conference on responsible business in Europe. So today we have attended panels on nuclear energy and climate change and tomorrow he will talk about healthcare. Party! The rest of the weekend will be spent enjoying the company of the Blair in the glorious early March sunshine which, I must admit, often makes me wonder if global warming is such a bad thing after all...

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