Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey! Ho! LET'S GO!!!

Hard to believe, but it's true... this is the final week of the MBA. After this week, everything will change forever. Even though we have graduation in a month, most people will be away during the month of April, and when we all return, we will be busy with family and friends and relocating. So strange.

Okay enough blathering. There is a weekend to review!

Thursday afternoon we presented Chris with a rugby jersey and a ball signed by the rugby team to thank him for doing such an awesome job as captain. Chris is going to Houston after IESE and that will, for lack of a better word, SUCK. For me, anyway. Hopefully he and Kathi will survive Texas!

Because I was uber sick on Thursday evening, I didn't make it to the Bar of the Week, which was apparently one of the most entertaining ever. Oh well, can't do everything I guess. Friday I was still pretty out of it, but by Saturday morning I was raring to go and ready to play soccer with the boys. Gay pride rainbow colors were in no way planned.

In the afternoon Sandy and Chloe arrived from Edinburgh (and brought the clouds and rain with them!) so we went for lunch downtown, wandered around the Barri Gotic for a few hours, and then relaxed for a while before heading to El Born for dinner. Somehow we ended up staying out very late, which turned out to be even later because Daylight Saving Time started at 2am. Normally I go WOO HOOOOO to Daylight Saving Time, but never the day it happens because we lose an hour of sleep. Not cool.

Sunday brought the annual paella extravaganza at Fede's house in Costa Brava. Last year team A6 went there in May and it was a bit warmer, but this year the crowd was bigger despite the cooler weather. (Directly attributable, no doubt, to last year's blog entry.) About 40 people turned up, but there was still plenty of paella to go back for seconds. And we ate it so fast, I didn't even get to take pictures of it this year! So I had to settle for a photo of Fede making his famous "tea," as Madhur calls it. It's not tea at all but actually hot rum and cognac. If that's what they consider tea in India, I wonder what they do with their Earl Grey!

Team A6 of the class of 2008:

This is what happens when I get on the beach:

The forced apres-paella march :
Madhur and Juanra:

Ahhh.... paradise....
Moments after returning, I received a call from Julian. His wife is out of town and, though he didn't openly admit it, he's lonely. So he invited us over for wine and cheese... and then dinner at 1am. On a school night! Good thing it's the last week. Anyway, I tortured his cats. Further proof that I should not have kids...
And now it's Monday night already. Only two days of class left. I have a final exam in Etica tomorrow afternoon and then that class is over. Wednesday we get our final exams for Global Strategy, which are due Friday at noon... I plan to finish that as soon as possible. Meaning by 11:59am on Friday morning.


JP said...

I know I have a terrible character, but here comes the nightmare after this week.. Remember the phrase "You'll never work as hard as during your MBA" ?well that wasn't completely true.. Anyway, good luck and enjoy your deserved vacations until May when you'll receive your gold medal!


Anonymous said...

goose bumps...