Monday, March 19, 2007

That's All I Need

One cool thing about having American friends visit you in Europe is that you can pull out all your old movie quotes and one-liners and they get them! I often make obscure movie references and no one knows what the hell I'm saying, so it was great on Tuesday when we were at Alex's for fondue and I said, "That's all I need!" and Ilmi knew I was referring to The Jerk, starring Steve Martin during his glory days. Now George and Marco are also on The Jerk bandwagon and we go around the house picking up random objects and walking around with them. A new Calatrava tradition!

Which reminded me of this little clip from the Thanksgiving Dinner. Kathi took this just before Chris and I started MC-ing the event ...

And, of course, the real thing. A true gem:

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