Friday, September 07, 2007

First Friday At Work

Ahhh I forgot how great Fridays are. At IESE Fridays were bad because we were always nursing hangovers from the previous night's Bar of the Week. And working Fridays can be equally bad, but they're also oh-so-good. And tomorrow morning I'm on an early flight to Philly to hang out with Nicole for the weekend. Yeah!

Anyway.... Overheard today in my office:

Conversation #1:

Female voice 1: "Oh my god, you bought TUSSIN?" (generic brand cough syrup)
Female voice 2: "Yeah, I saved like 3 bucks!"
Female voice 1: "I buy generic medicine, but I would never stoop so low as to buy Tussin."

Conversation #2 (which really isn't a conversation, but more like...)

Female voice: "You are SO MEAN!"
Followed by lots of laughing from lots of people. I wish I knew what happened, but I just went downstairs to buy money orders (more money spent on my visa!) and a much-needed coffee and if I jumped up too fast I would've spilled it all over myself and my keyboard. Which I'll probably do anyway.

Incidentally, at the post office I had a very Wayne's World moment. There's a guy working at the post office who has eyes that don't really look at you just like the weird eye guy in Wayne's World! And no one, including me, knows which eye to look at... since neither of them seem to be pointing in your direction, even if his face is.


Gemmita said...

I've been reading part of your stories this summer, seems that it was a pretty good summer!!
How was the first day at work? weird to be back to the real world??
When are you going to be back in bcn??

Vibhav said...

Hi Noelle,

I am planning to apply to IESE this year for my MBA. I saw your blog and am eager to know if you can help me with some questions that I have.

My email id is If you can get in touch with me, I will be really grateful.


Joost Jockey said...
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NoellieBellie said...

Hey Gemma,

It was indeed a tremendous summer. First day at work was okay, and week three is shaping up pretty nicely so far!

It looks like I'll be getting back to BCN around Nov 5 probably... assuming my work permit doesn't get held up any longer!

Vibhav - I will send you an email.