Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm really tired. It's Wednesday, nearly 8pm. I have been in four states in the past four days. I moved into an apartment an hour ago, after a full day at work. And I'm staring at my bags, trying to will them to unpack themselves. It's not working.

But I did sort of bring this upon myself. I wanted to travel and go to live in new cities as part of my new job. And this weekend I totally voluntarily went to Philadelphia to hang with Nicole. Which was awesome, by the way. And on Monday I had to take care of some visa processing which could only be done in Manhattan, so off I went. And as long as I was there anyway, it seemed wise to have some meetings, so that was Tuesday. Which, incidentally was Sept 11 and the New York office, incidentally faces ground zero. But whatevs. I was too busy to think much of it.

Particularly since Sept 11 is a very cool day in my family. Yesterday my grandparents celebrated 59 years of marriage. When I called to congratulate them, my grandfather was upstairs and my grandmother was downstairs. Understood. (Note to self: Marriage requires at least a two-story house.)

Another interesting thing about Sept 11 is that the airports are empty. Particularly the ones in New York City. It took like 5 seconds to get to Laguardia yesterday, which is pretty unusual. And check-in was like a ghost town. Of course, that didn't mean our flight left on time. My airport karma meant that we sat on the runway for 2 hours before taking off. Unfortunately, my boss was sitting behind me and he asked, "Are you responsible for this?" I had to admit guilt. But maybe the other side of the karma means some World Series tickets will find their way to me if the Red Sox make it.... Hmmmmm.....

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