Friday, September 21, 2007

IESE comes to Beantown

It has been a pretty eventful week. First, a colleague came into my office and dropped Business Week on my desk, open to a full-page ad for IESE featuring... my smiling mug. Wow. Pretty intense. Seems that this version is subscription-only though, folks. So I can't get my hands on any other copies aside from this one. So if you happen to get Business Week mailed to your home or office and care to share your copy with yours truly, I'd be much obliged. In case you missed it, here's a scanned copy of what plopped onto my desk on Tuesday morning:

And today I was checking out the IESE website to get more info about next week's global alumni reunion which I'm now fortunate enough to attend in Barcelona and came across a page of IESE recruiting events. Turns out that there happened to be an MBA fair in Boston. TODAY. And that could only mean one thing. That Claudia was in town. So I dropped her a message on Facebook and, low and behold, got a call from her only an hour later. Ah, the wonders of the web. (And our addictions to it.)

I'd already planned on dinner with Madhur, so Claudia was an added bonus. We hit a sushi restaurant and then when that place suddenly turned into a dance club, headed back to my apartment for some vino and reminiscing about IESE. And, more importantly, about how it's good it's only a two-year program. Because after looking back on all the ridiculous predicaments we got ourselves into (Claudia flew off a donkey, Madhur shattered a humongous vase in the middle of Thanksgiving, I bump into things on an hourly basis without the need for vases or donkeys) we figured it's probably best we're back out in the real world where we might not do as much harm to ourselves and others. Anyway, it was fun to look back and laugh and even more fun to run into old friends in a new town.

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