Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Rain in Maine Falls Mainly In Spain

Last week my dad was in town for some meetings on the other side of the Charles River, so we took advantage of the incredible weather and spent the weekend outside. Saturday morning we picked up a rental car and headed north to Maine, a state I'd never been to. We stopped off in Portland on the water for some lobster and mussels, then headed back south to Kennebunkport (where Bush Sr. always spends his vacays - nice house, Bushie!) and made our last stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire which, for such a small town, was positively jumping on a Saturday night.

Incredible Maine foliage

My dad ties one on... pre-lobster extravaganza!

This guy was waving at passing cars. We had to get a photo with him. I WANT THAT LOBSTER SUIT!

Lovely little Portsmouth, NH

Sunday morning I played my first soccer match with my new team, Opus County. These players are GOOD. Several all-American and all-state players... geez. I was worried I was in over my head, but two years of playing with boys in Barcelona served me well. And anyway, we only had 7 players against the other team's 14, so we played the whole match down by 4. That's what happens when the Patriots have a home game and people manage to get last-minute tickets, I guess. Football before... football.

In the midst of one of my favorite passtimes...

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, even though I'm incredibly sore today, and the best part about playing a full-length, full-field soccer match at 10am is the brunch that comes afterward! My dad and I headed to Tremont 647 in the South End, where on the weekends all the waitstaff wear their pajamas for brunch. Next time I go there, I'm wearing mine too. Apparently you get free desert! So I guess I need to invest in some PJs...

Good news of the week: My work permit came through from Madrid and I received it on Friday. And today I got my good conduct certificate from the NYPD. So now I have everything I need to start the processing of my visa! In other good news, I'm off to Barcelona on Thursday night for the IESE Global Alumni reunion. So the visa processing will have to wait until next week. Not that I'm complaining!

The view from my apartment


huy Nguyen-Tuong said...

Oh my fucking god - ur football team's name starts with "OPUS"????

David said...

Si, el nombre se las trae :O. De todas formas lo importante es ver que una mujer juega al fĂștbol (lo siento, no puedo llamarle socer:D) con total normalidad.

¿Por quĂ© han de ser siempre los extranjeros los que nos tienen que dar lecciones? :(

NoellieBellie said...

Don't you love that? I play for Opus County in Division 1!!! Hahaha.