Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Garlic is packed, we're off to Romania

It is officially SPRING BREAK!!! Wooooooo hoooooooooooo!

And now for a wrap-up of the last three days.

Wednesday night brought the graduation party for the second year students at Sutton Club. We had the place all to ourselves, the music was great, the drinks were free (well, included in our ticket price), and I went to sleep at 5:30. I had no intention of staying that late, but these are the things that happen.

The next morning - yesterday - I somehow woke up at 8 and headed off to my team meeting, where I was hoping someone could explain to me what our "beer strategy" was the day before, but only Juanra and Enrico showed up. Between the three of us we came up with something resembling a strategy, which I had to present to the class a few minutes later. Seemed to go okay... And the rest of the day was rather uneventful. After Operations, we had Strategy and the IT class, and then I came home and took a much-needed nap. Unfortunately naps seem to disagree with me and I had nightmares about being attacked by Dracula on my upcoming trip to Romania. Great. (Note to self: Better throw a few extra wooden stakes in my bag. I hope they don't get removed by security at the airport.)

After my beauty rest, it was time to go to Marcus's place for a team A6 barbecue, featuring new member Juan Ignacio (Enrico couldn't make it) and traitors Gabriel and Diego. Marcus took a while getting the fire going, and finally Diego pitched in by tearing apart a dead plant to use as kindling. Ahhh, boys.

Here we are, Team A6, in all our glory (minus Jan-Kees and Enrico)

In the entrance to Marcus's building, the landlady had posted this in a glass announcement case. Loosely translated, it says: "Please don't throw things onto the terrace. Every day they throw things on the terrace, but this has gone too far. This could kill someone." And yes, that is a half-eaten pizza.

After the barbecue, we all headed to the Bar of the Week, at Handbar, which is a really awesome place, but simply too small for a crowd like ours. I made my entrance and danced in the doorway, but got smooshed and nearly suffocated and trampled on my way to the bar, so I turned around after two minutes and went home. A very wise idea.

Today we had class as usual. Here is a picture of our fabulous classroom. No more basement for Section A! We have saved the best room for last and now get to sit in this beauty all day. Our chairs move! Cool!

Today wasn't only a big day because it was the last day of classes before spring break. We also received our second term grades today and all the people who applied for exchange found out if and where they placed. Turns out both Marco and George qualified for one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) exchange schools: Columbia University. So they will both head to New York City for the first time in September. I'm happy for them of course, but sad for myself because I will lose my two great roommates for three months and Marco won't be around to cook fancy dinners for me. I guess I will have to go back to peanut butter and jelly. Mmmmmm. As for grades, I am pleased. I managed to avoid getting any C's, even in dreaded managerial accounting.

Unfortunately, I also had to take a Spanish test today. And then I had to write a paper for Operations Strategy to make up for the class I missed when I went to the hospital last week to deal with my strep throat. I thought I might be excused from this exercise, considering I actually spent the class time IN THE HOSPITAL, but no. Here I am, hard at work:

Tonight Marco cooked us all a dinner of fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, and everyone headed out to Universal to boogie down. As I despise packing and did everything EXCEPT put clothes in a bag this evening, I could not go out on the town because I had to finally get ready for my trip. I have packed my garlic and my crosses. I am prepared for any and all vampires with my ninja moves. Believe it or not, Marco turned on the tv after dinner and "Blade" was playing. In Catalan. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is. Maybe I should bring my black belt too. Just in case.

So tomorrow morning I am headed to the aiport with Onno and Atsh. Our Romania crew is as follows: our fearless leader Vlad (fearless only because he is already a Romanian vampire), Atsh and Kyoko from Japan, Onno from the Netherlands, Roberto from Mexico, and Ryan, Matt, and Anosha from the good old US of A. The flight to Bucharest alone should be a riot, so I have no idea how I'll manage to survive a whole week.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to post while I'm away, but I promise to keep track of all the best stories and of course take plenty of photos. Time for a little R&R!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a very good week in Romania and take lots of photos. Nice grades. You must be getting very smart by now!

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