Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Wednesday in the Life

A glimpse at my day at IESE, which started with a bike ride to school and then our usual morning team meeting.

Madhur and Matteo, looking a little tired at 8:30am

Jan-Kees, Enrico, and Juan listening attentively

Juanra "does the numbers"

Team A6 in action: Noshaba, Madhur, Juanra, Matteo and Marcus

After our team meeting and a cortado in the cafe, I ran into Benjamin trying to convince Nortpool to buy a used Renault

And into sleepy Cedric

Then it was time for Global Economics and Competitive Strategy! Party time! Our economics discussion revolved around aggregate demand, and strategy was a case about Husky Injection Molding Systems. We were on the edge of our seats.

After lunch we had Operations Strategy, during which we had to work in our teams for the "Beer Game." Sadly, this had nothing to do with Beer Pong or Quarters. Each team was an agent along the supply chain dealing with how to order and keep the optimal amount number of cases of beer in order to meet demand. We were the retailer, the final link in the chain, which meant that if anyone before us (distributors, warehouse, factory) stocked out, we were in trouble. Madhur put together a lovely spreadsheet and planned a strategy for us, but as soon as the game started, we completely forgot about our spreadsheet and just started shouting numbers like traders. It was mayhem, but I think we did alright in the end. The only problem is that I was arbitrarily appointed team leader, which means that tomorrow morning I must present our team's strategy in front of the class. Guess I'd better try to figure out what our strategy was....

Matteo, ready for action

Enrico, not so ready for action

Madhur draws a box (this takes great analytical skill and mental dexterity)

Madhur tries to convince us to order 5 cases of beer instead of 4. (Hell, order 20!)

Madhur and Juan. At this point, we had tuned out Madhur's insistent pleas for correct order quantities. We were on fire!

Marcus enters our orders as Jan-Kees looks on

After Operations came Spanish class. Whew, long day. We learned some random colloquialisms we will surely never use, but hey this is how we roll in Modulo 11.

Or Spanish teacher, Eugenia. She has finally gotten used to our collective "sense of humor"

Carol, Matt, and Andreas

Federico and Matteo

And that, my friends, was Wednesday. Now I have two extremely long cases to read before dinner and a graduation party for the 2nd year students.


Anonymous said...

Noelle if you were taking pictures you shld have told me !!! I would have put on my Jacket and contacts and glasses !!! I look ORRIBLE


NoellieBellie said...

You should wear your contacts and jacket EVERY DAY!!!


Anonymous said...

At least you were ordering beer! Thinking about a nice beer is better than ordering dead little rabbits (pelts)!

Miss Wizz said...

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