Thursday, April 27, 2006

Barca wins! ... and loses

Last night George, Marco, and I went over to Lamberto's house to watch Barcelona play AC Milan in the Champions League semi-final. I wish I had remembered my camera because I could have captured not only the beautiful moments of sheer happiness (when Shevchenko scored for Milan) and utter dispair (when the goal was recalled) but also the constant stream of profanities that occur when five Italians are watching a football match in the same room. I missed a golden opportunity to make a new CD version of "Italian for Beginners - the Underground Edition."

After the match, the city was filled with motorists beeping their horns in celebration and people shooting off firecrackers and yelling and singing until the wee hours of the morning. And Italians crying. Barcelona will meet Arsenal in the final in Paris, 20 days from now.

Before going to Lamberto's, I had to make my summer internship choice, and I opted for Bucharest. It's a position I created entirely on my own, stringing together interviews and contacts, and it's nice to know I'll be spending a few months doing exactly what I'd hoped to do. Tailor-made! More details to come...

Now I'm off to rugby practice, after which I must go to Corte Ingles to buy some orange clothing to take with me to Amsterdam tomorrow for Queens Day. Then it's back to cases, cases and more cases.


quasar said...

hi there..absolutely great choice->Bucharest

Moe said...

congrats on your internship. I bet it feels good that all the hard work and (suffering :-P) you went thru the past year at IESE paid off with an opportunity you want.