Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heading toward Semana Santa

With only four days left before spring break and the weather more beautiful each day, it is getting harder and harder to focus on cases. But some of us are still actually preparing them. As my updates tend to be mostly about barbecues and parties and people doing funny things (particularly myself), and considering that spring is in full effect and such posts will only increase, I thought I might post some proof that we are in fact IN CLASS. Most of the time!

Kyoko concentrating. That's Nepalese superblogger Pradeep with Jill in the background.

I don't shoot from the hip. I shoot from the shoulder, and this is the result. Okay, the framing needs a little work, but the subject is admirable: Wesley and Jan-Kees keepin' it real.

I got tired of having my pens on the desk so I used Madhur as a pen holder. Worked fabulously!

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