Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunny Weekend

This was a weekend of many birthdays (Felipe on Thursday, Julian on Friday, Paul on Saturday, and Marcus and George today - Happy Birthday!) and also of plenty of sunshine. But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Friday evening I got all tidied up (yes, I am capable of such a thing) and headed for my interview in Gracia. I won't go into much detail at the moment since nothing is official, but I will say that the position is here in Barcelona, doing something I'd never really considered but which could be very interesting, and at an arm of a major company I had really hoped to work for this summer. It went well, I think. The interview was in Spanish and I guess I managed not to sound too idiotic because it lasted about an hour and a half. I got home at 8, just in time for the evening's festivities....

We had planned to have a small dinner for Julian's birthday because, poor guy, his wife ditched him for the weekend for a film conference. (Can't say I blame her, no offense Julian.) So we were going to take him out to dinner, but the weather was so nice we opted for a small BBQ on our terrace instead. The evening was shockingly civilized until Chris brought out his now famous "mullet glasses." Well, I will let the photos speak for themselves. Marco at one point did some "air dj-ing." It was a sight to behold.

Julian the birthday boy (sporting a haircut that looks shockingly like the one I was subjected to in October - I shudder!) and Francis

Julian with the mullet shades

Francis in mullet shades

DJ Jazzy Marco

The following day, yesterday, I slept in late and then treated myself to a brand new digital camera. A sweet little Olympus. My old giant one actually takes better pictures, but it'll be nice to have this little guy with me when I'm out on the town. I also went to visit Oriol at Teknon, where he had knee surgery during the week. The poor dude is bored out of his skull, so I'm wishing him a speedy recovery so he can join us back in class!

Last night brought a mini barbecue, simply because we had leftover steaks. What a great problem to have! I was still feeling pretty sickly so I stayed in to watch a rather boring Barca-Madrid 1-1 draw and konked out early.

Today I took advantage of the nice weather and went up to Tibidabo to test out my new camera. Since I've already posted some Tibidabo pix, I'll just put two:

When I got back, Marco and I presented George with part of his gift: FHM's "Las Mujeres Mas Sexys de 2006" and a head massager. The real gift is a surprise which will be revealed after the Easter Holidays.

A very "artsy" rendition of what happens when boys look at half-naked women:

And now it's late and time for bed. A new class, Global Economics, awaits tomorrow, along with a visit from the US Ambassador, classes in Corporate Finance and Operations Strategy, and my Spanish presentation. Hmmm... maybe I should start to prepare that...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are surviving the intellectual hazing and your sense of humor is definitely not suffering. That's a good sign!!! Women are tougher than anyone realizes.

This will be a better quarter with all the breaks. Plus you know that you get a nice long break after this quarter. And then you only will have two more quarters left and you'll be done. Wow!

Good grief! Will that be the end of this blog?!? What will I do while I dring my morning java?

Anonymous said...

Noelle, I finally found the movie! ..... Prudence and the Pill. Next time you all need a good laugh to get you through the rest of the school year, this is a golden oldie that is definitely worth seeing.