Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Luxury Problems

Today I am wrestling with some difficult decisions, and none of them are bad...

1. Internship

I was offered an internship here in Barcelona for the summer working for the Spanish division of a German media giant, assigned the project of creating and developing the content for their website. A cool project, and one that would allow me to show off a nice finished product at the end of the summer (hopefully), but not exactly the line of work which I'd like to pursue. Pluses are that I'd stay in lovely Barcelona for the summer, continue to practice my Spanish, work for a cool boss, and have a project under my belt. Cons are mostly that I was hoping for something in advertising - specifically television - production, which is the direction in which I'm currently thinking I'd like to move post-MBA.

Today at lunch I was offered a position for the summer in Bucharest, working for an international advertising agency and one of their major production companies for tv commercials. This is the kind of gig I've been holding out for. Pros are that it's exactly what I want, I set the dates, there is a TON of work to be done apparently, and I get to go back to Bucharest, which I loved. Cons are that I won't be in Barcelona and I won't practice Spanish.

Decision must be made in T-minus 58 minutes.

2. Queens Day

I purchased a plane ticket in January to go to Amsterdam for Queens Day, which is the biggest party of the year. About 100 IESE students are also going (mainly second years, but plenty of first years as well) and it should be a hilarious and fun-filled weekend. Monday is a holiday and I'm set to leave Friday evening after class and return late Monday night.

Sounds awesome, right? But I'm TIRED! Oh so tired. And I have a lot of studying to do because we have midterms in two weeks.

Hmmm as I was writing that I realized it sounds really pathetic. What the heck am I moaning about? I can always study in the hotel room or sleep in late or both.

Okay, well, decision 2 DONE. I will not consider my plane ticket a sunk cost. I will go to Queens Day. Now I have to buy some orange clothes....

Great! Now, if anyone has any suggestions on Issue #1 in the next hour, please pass them along!


Catalonic said...

If you haven't already made your decision, I would definitely go for Bucharest. It is the kind of unique opportunity that will is not likely to come again, or at least very often.
Plus, you will be able to gorge on meat products night after night after night......

I say head to the East.

Juan Miguel Venturello said...

(FWIW) Go to Bucharest. You can practice your spanish when you come back! :)

NoellieBellie said...

Thanks guys!

I did in fact opt for Bucharest. Your supportive comments make me feel even better about my decision! :)


Anonymous said...

Bucharest, Bucharest, Bucharest!!!