Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rafa en Boda

Okay, so maybe it's my fault for thinking it's possible to have "a quiet night with some friends." After the minimal sleep of Thursday night, all I wanted to do yesterday was go to bed after class and wake up this morning, fresh as a daisy. This is the true story of how such a plan can go terribly awry.

To start, I must say that I did in fact get some sleep. I wiped out on my bed around 7:30 and woke up around 9 to Pierre and Benjamin screaming in French immediately outside my door. Pierre was in the bathroom and Benjamin was not and evidently their dinner plans couldn't wait until Pierre was no longer indisposed, and a lengthy conversation ensued about some restaurant in El Born. I thought it was 8am and was frantic that I was going to be late to class, so I was a bit out of it when I got out of bed and found Italians in the kitchen.

Lamberto, Matteo, and George were in the kitchen cooking away (well, Matteo was just "supervising") and Diego and Mark arrived soon after and we had our nice relaxed dinner as planned. George even put jazz on the stereo. That combined with Lamberto's filling risotto and a bottle of red wine, and everyone was ready to go to sleep.
Lamberto cooks

George cuts

Diego poses

But no sleep for us! Somehow we ended up at the brand new apartment of a girl only Diego and Matteo knew. All the rest of us knew was that there would be "lots of women there." Great. Of course, the ladies were still at dinner when we arrived so we spent half an hour outside, wondering why we were standing outside. Finally they showed up and, much to our surprise, Madhur was with them. How Madhur ended up at dinner with half a dozen Spanish girls (particularly since he doesn't really speak Spanish) was the question on all of our minds and I realize now that I still don't have an answer.

Around 2, George, Matteo, Lamberto and I went up to Danzatoria, where I haven't been since the first term. It was pretty empty and the garden was closed but it was actually nice to be there without getting smooshed or having a drink spilled on me. Marco was there with Ana and her Brazilian contingent, as were Huy, Edi and Jan-Kees. Then Rafa showed up straight from his team dinner, and we knew we were in for a long night.

When Danzatoria closed, we went to a very strange club called Rosebud, which I think is a place people often have their wedding banquets. It wasn't particularly crowded either, but there was a large group of 18 year old girls in prom-style dresses who kept the boys entertained for a while until they realized they probably weren't going to get anywhere with them. Sorry boys.

Around 4, we made an executive decision. It was time to go home. The problem with going to clubs on Tibidabo is that there are no cabs and you usually end up walking most of the way down the hill. As we left the club, Rafa and I found a cardboard cutout of a giant J&B bottle. Moments later, a wedding party appeared, and Rafa insisted on posing for pictures with them and singing them songs. They were surprisingly accommodating.

Rafa meets the groom with his "guitar"

Rafa with the happy couple

A group shot, including some random Scandinavians who were passing by

Rafa and the groom

Finally it was time for Rafa to sit on the bench and sing a little song

But not for long, because he soon felt the urge to serenade other passers-by. (f the video doesn't work, click here: )

And this, my friends, is why it's not possible to have "a quiet night at home."


Anonymous said...

You are definitely making IESE sound like "the" place to be for an MBA! I'm hoping everyone else has as much fun when they get there. For those reading this blog, there's at least a good list of places to go! Would you mind repeating first year again for the incoming class? Or at least take pity on the incoming first years and offer your guidance?

Maybe IESE needs to make you the permanent school mascot after you graduate! You personify, "How to have a great time while struggling through the MBA grind!" or "How to balance the MBA insanity with a slightly different kind of insanity!"

NoellieBellie said...

As for repeating the first year.... NO WAY IN HELL. Especially not the first term!

As for entertaining others and lending my guidance... ABSOLUTELY! Happy to help.

Anonymous said...

Noel you already have a huge FAN following :)) ... for IESE 2008, join team A6 if you can :) Noelle will post the reason soon...

PS: In Spain spanish girls do speak english.