Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Friday!!!!!!!

And normally, that would mean... doing nothing! But today I have an interview, which I was supposed to have Wednesday but had to reschedule do to the unplanned (and unwanted) strep throat debacle. So now it's sunny and warm and I'd like to take a nap on the terrace, but instead I'm in a suit and on my way out the door.

If anyone is reading this in the next two hours, please send good Spanish interview mojo. Gracias!


JP said...

Ay, eaben if yo no read tu post antes, yo know que yu are de best candidate for dem!

Good morro!


Anonymous said...

Bet you were the best in the interview! Now enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Actually, I hope the lady luck was on your side because its Saturday