Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2 Down, 4 To Go!

It's a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for my ride home from school after two exams. The weather report said it was supposed to rain these three days of finals, which is more condusive to studying than bright sunshine. Interestingly enough, it looks like storm clouds are now rolling in, which should make me less inclined to run around outside and thus help me study for tomorrow's exams: Capital Markets (I'm screwed) and Marketing (hopefully not so screwed).

I'm sitting in the living room feeling very relieved after having survived the first two exams. Operations was difficult, but not impossible. I didn't feel as confident coming out of the final as I did after the midterm, so maybe I screwed up some things, or maybe there was just too much to remember. Or maybe I did fine. Whatever the case, it's over now so it doesn't really matter.

After lunch we had our Human Resources exam, which consisted of 2 questions on a single sheet of paper. We had one side of the page for each question and only an hour to complete it. Abanis handed his in first, after 20 minutes, and was greeted with a wild round of applause. I think I finished in about 40. So now I'm home, procrastinating a little by blogging, getting ready for the next round of studying.

To all of you who are sending me emails wishing me luck, THANK YOU. I appreciate it and I promise I will get back to my regular emailing habits after the last exam on Friday! For now, the good ol' blog will have to suffice.

Okay time to do a little marketing review and then a LOT of finance review.


Anonymous said...

All the best in your exams. I reccommend some Mozart before exams and Metric (Live it Out: rec. song #6) after exams. A good balance, I think.

NoellieBellie said...

Thanks! Excellent musical suggestions.

Moe said...

Noelle, it looks like you are more cheery these days. Keep it up!