Saturday, March 18, 2006

Weekend of DOOOOOM! And parties.

This is it, the last weekend before finals. There is just never enough time to do all the studying you need to do during the weekend. Or at least, all the studying I need to do. Which is a lot. Hmmm, that's depressing so let's move on to something fun!

Yesterday we took photos of all the teams for the yearbook. Here we are in all our glory, Team A6, the baddest of them all. Front row: Matteo, Gabriel, Madhur, Diego, Noshaba. 2nd row: Marcus, Jan-Kees, Juanra.

And with our team leader, Professor Fede Sabria, head of the Operations Dept, and who apparently cooks the best paella in Catalunya. We will find out for ourselves on April 22, as he has invited us all to his house in Costa Brava. I told him I'm allergic to seafood. And to and rice. Hahahahaha.

Yesterday brought the birthdays of Huy and Francis. We'd spent the last week or so organizing a surprise party for good ol' Francis, and the surprise was nearly ruined on several occasions. First, Alexia sent the email out about the party and accidentally included the guest of honor himself on the CC list. His roommates snuck into his room and deleted the email and all the subsequent replies. Disaster narrowly averted.

Last night we were all supposed to meet at a bar near his house while his roommates got rid of him. The idea was that they were all going out for dinner together, but Christina was to take him for a beer first. Well, unfortunately, the bar we were all supposed to go to was closed, so everyone went down the street. Then Christina and Francis walked in. Oops. Francis said, "Hey! What are you guys all doing here?!" Everyone managed to convince him it was a gathering of the IESE ladies' club... with a lot of boys invited. Hmmm. And yet, Captain Gullible BOUGHT IT!

So when he came back to his house under the pretenses that Christina had forgotten something, he was completely and utterly surprised to see everyone in the living room, and said, "Hey! What are you guys doing here?" Ok, the very last part didn't happen, but he was surprised. This was the earliest party I've ever attended in Spain. It started at 9pm. How very geriatric!

And finally, no weekend (or blog entry) is truly complete without some photos of people acting foolish in public places. Marco, George, and I saw this playground as we were walking to Francis's house last night and HAD to stop for a photo op.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the business leaders of tomorrow. Be very afraid.

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