Sunday, March 12, 2006

Deep thoughts

This weekend was one of many which brought thoughts of quitting IESE and running away. Why?
1. The IESE rumor mill is working away as usual - extremely annoying.
2. Finals are approaching - extremely daunting.
3. I'm really tired - extremely tiring.
4. I really don't like studying any of this stuff - extremely unsatisfying.

But then I heard from a friend of mine who just fell off the wagon after like 12 years of sobriety and I thought, "Man, I'm dumb." There I was thinking about how much life sucks because I'm studying some boring crap that I don't like, but at least I'm not in a psychiatric ward.

So the positive-thinking hat is firmly back in place on my head. And a gin and tonic is firmly in place in my hand. Just kidding. Actually, an accounting case is firmly planted in front of my face... And Monday approaches.

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