Monday, March 13, 2006

Two Tough Weeks Ahead

Two weeks from now, I will be reading cases after my first day of classes in the third and final term of the first year. Two short weeks. How the hell can they cram so much work into two weeks? Less than two weeks, in fact!

This week we have six team assignments and two individual assignments due: a paper for Negotiations, a problem set for Microeconomics, two team papers for Capital Finance, two team submissions for Operations, and a team paper for Human Resources. Next week we have two days of class followed by three days filled with the joyful glory of SIX FINAL EXAMS. Six!!!! With the last day being the most fun: Capital Finance and Managerial Accounting.

So I have resigned myself to spending the next 11 days under lockdown, only taking breaks to run or play soccer or rugby. 11 days. I can do it.

Today was very long. A full day of classes, including Spanish, then a microecon review session, and then a brainstorming session for the Women In Business club. I'm now halfway through my second case of the evening - a marketing case about Starbucks - and the third, a 30 page accounting case, still looms. My bed is looking more comfy by the minute. And here I am procrastinating by writing about it!

Back to Starbucks.... 11 days and counting...

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