Sunday, March 26, 2006

Term Ends, Term Begins

When we left our heroine she was in the grips of managerial accounting panic, which proved to be well-founded. It was a blessing and a curse that this was the last exam, because we were all so exhausted by the time 2pm Friday rolled around we didn't have much left, but at the same time, if this had been the first test we all would've been depressed throughout the next five. It was HARD.

I considered handing it in blank after looking at the questions, but then decided I should probably take a crack at it. An hour later, my head was hurting and my legs felt dead, so I decided to go outside for some fresh air. In other exams, getting out of the room for a few minutes has worked wonders, and I tend to come back to class able to answer questions I previously thought impossible. This time, nothing worked. I eventually took a second break and it was on my return from that one that I finally realized I wasn't the only one suffering. Everyone's faces were drawn and some people were staring into space, as if waiting for divine inspiration. The good thing is, it was hellish for everyone.

The better thing is, IT'S OVER! Here we are as we received the exams:

And here we are after our sixth and final three-hour test.

Even better!

George looks relieved:

Rafa, Ian, Ivan, and Alexia:

With Till, Gustavo, and Abe: (yes, I was tired)

There's no stopping Satoshi:

There's no rest for the wicked, however, and after a quick nap, I was off to dinner with a few friends and then to a party at Mirabe for the Spring Fling kickoff. Spring Fling is the lead-up to the MBA Olympics, and this year INSEAD, Instituto Empresa, and ESADE were in town for a little friendly sporting fun. After sleeping three hours, I was up again and off to Montjuic, where I played four soccer matches and a rugby match in the blazing heat. We tied our rugby match and won the women's soccer. IESE also won mens soccer, mens rugby (though Federico unfortunately broke his ankle very badly and had to be taken to the hospital), basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and tug-of-war.

Here we are with the Instituto Empresa team, whom we played in the final:

Nine hours later and many shades pinker, I again crashed into bed for a three hour nap before heading to dinner to meet Rafa's parents with a crowd of twenty. Around one we hit Shoko for another Spring Fling party and ended up after it closed at a godforsaken place called City Hall where I will never go again. (Famous last words.) I would have gotten home at six, but was foiled by the time change, which doesn't occur till next week in the States, so I rolled into bed at seven. All in all, a day well spent.

The scary thing is that we have three new classes tomorrow. And three cases to prepare. An extra day off would have been nice, since I feel like I haven't recovered from finals yet. Fortunately, unlike last term where we did not have a single holiday, this term is filled with them. And spring break is just around the corner, two weeks away.


Nicole Sadler said...

wow, that sounds like a GREAT weekend! congratulations on finishing the term - only one left!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle!
You are the ultimate blogger! Nobody says it better or does it better without any sleep at all. Knock 'em dead in the third term!

B & G

Anne Bryant said...

Noelle: We loved seeing your blog. It is really good, but I would expect no less from the next Merchant Ivory... great to meet you at lunch with Kathryn and Peter. Our trip is almost over. Kathryn and Peter took off for France today.(They are here
in Europe for two months!) We return to US tomorrow...Have loved Barcelona.. last night was Flam.dancers, great fun. Thanks for the tip. Have a great Spring semester. Hope you get the summer spot you want... Anne Bryant and Peter Ross