Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm a beauty queen

With barely enough time to recover from the finals (just 72 HOURS ago!!!), we were back in class this morning, discussing such light subjects as corporate finance and operations strategy. It was a little overwhelming.

And tonight wasn't much better, with two chapters to read on corporate strategy, two more on corporate finance, plus a mystery submission for Quantitative Measures... a class we haven't even had yet (and any class with the word "quantitative" in the title is not my friend from the get go). The submission is about linear regression, whatever that means. Here, for example, is a little quote from the twenty page technical note: "Given two variables, X and Y, measured on a population of elements, for each value x of variable X, the mean of the values of Y of the elements for which the explanatory variable X takes the value x is denoted by M(Y|x)." I thought this class was going to be taught in ENGLISH! Hmmm I wonder how Snoop would tranzilate that.

I told Achilleas about it and he said, "Oh that's easy. I did my thesis on linear regression and forecasting." No fair! This is already easier for him because this crap is full of Greek letters.

So yeah, only one day into the new term and I already feel clueless. Oh well, it's a badge I'm starting to wear with pride. If there were an IESE beauty pageant, I would definitely win "Miss Mediocrity." Or Mis-take.

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