Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last Day of Term

Can you imagine sitting here for three months, trying to participate in class with all these people staring at you? And that's only half of them! Good thing I LOVE THE LIMELIGHT.

Today was the last day of classes for the second term. Twelve people are switching to the Spanish section (I opted not to go in the end), two of whom are my teammates - Gabriel and Diego. Come Monday morning, we'll have two new teammates - Enrico from Italy and Juan from Spain - and twelve Section C-ers in our killer upstairs classroom. No more basement! (That was one of my main reasons for not switching sections. Heh heh.)

After class Carol presented the Comment of the Week, won handily by Jan-Erik for reasons I cannot mention on this blog. The Comment of the Quarter (le coq) went to Robain, aka "Animal," for his antics on Fridays after the Bar of the Week.

After the COW, Rafa and I performed a rap for the twelve Section A deserters which we wrote during lunch. We then presented them all with T-Shirts we had made that said "Section A Forever" on the front and a few Section A catch phrases on the back. It will be really strange not to see all those people on Monday morning when we start the new term. I just shed a single tear.

Tomorrow the pain starts. 9:30-12:30 - Operations Management Final. 2-5pm - Human Resources Final. Then we get to go home and study for the other FOUR finals. Geez. I have my sights set on Friday afternoon at 5pm. Three days to get through!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, you posted at 5:44.....double digits....good omen. Good luck with finals. You're gonna do great!

Anonymous said...

Ze count down clock ez ticking. Good luck!

Ze spring break ez eround ze corner! Enjoy!