Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hmmm ... how boring!

Howdy everybody. Since dressing up as a cowgirl for the Multi Culti, I have decided that I'm gonna right this for y'all in a nice Texan twang from now on.

Okay maybe not.

So it has been a week since the big Multicultural extravaganza and people are still bandaged and bruised and funny stories about the Greek kissing bandit still abound. Maybe that's because nothing else is really going on, aside from studying. Lame!

Well, let's review the latest, shall we?

1. Barca beat Chelsea last night in their second leg champions league match. Bravo!

2. The weather is downright balmy today. The kind of sunny day that makes you want to say... WHAT MICROECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT??? Studying will become increasingly difficult as the weather continues to improve.

3. A major fiasco occurred regarding section changes. You see, before the third term, people who have passed the final Spanish exam or who are native speakers may switch to Section C, the Spanish section, and the same number of students from C switch to A & B. Because more C students wanted to switch than A and B students this year, a free for all occurred in Section B. I had asked over the past weeks to take the exam early (well, I've asked since September, but to no avail) and was told it was not possible and that, as a result, I could not switch sections. Then three people from my same Spanish level who are in B were allowed to switch without the test, as well as one person from the level below me! But nothing could be done because our section leader was following the rules. This I appreciate. I'm fine with following the rules, as long as the rules are applied to everyone. Anyway it was a big mess and people were angry (and continue to be) and now, just as I'm getting over it, I get an email saying there is one more switcheroo mess and would I like to switch sections? Geez. Stay tuned...

4. I went to a touristy flamenco dinner with some friends visiting the US on Saturday. Flamenco is really an Andalucian thing, so this wasn't the real deal by any means, but it was still hilarious to do something so touristy. We had a blast. Thanks to Mike and Crisanta for taking me out!

5. Friday and Saturday brought the annual Doing Good Doing Well conference, which was started by an IESE student a few years ago. The conference brings companies that are ethically sound and also doing good business to the school to talk about business practices and also round up some potential interns or future hires. I was asked, kinda last minute, to film it. I sat in on several of the talks with the video camera and heard about some pretty cool companies. The students that organized the event put in a tremendous amount of work... very cool.

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Anonymous said...

Howdy and welcome back. Thought you were out rastlin' some Spanish cows and teaching them to moo with a southern drawwwwllllllll!

Boring is good! Flamenco is good. Dinner out anywhere is good! Filming is good. Enjoy the good!