Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Crash And Burn

Well it's official. I'm sick. My throat has been hurting since early last week, but I ignored it and pushed through finals, the Spring Fling, and the first two days of the new term. Last night it caught up with me and this morning when I woke up I decided to go see a doctor at Teknon. I walked all the way up there (ok, it's not that far, but when you're sick everything feels far) and got in line at Urgencias and realized I'd forgotten my wallet. So I had to walk all the way back down to the house. Half an hour I was back at the doctor and the line at Urgencias had grown from one person to 10. Oh well.

After nearly a three hour wait and a five minute visit with the doctor, I was out in the sunshine again with a diagnosis of strep throat (which I had already diagnosed myself anyway) and a list of drugs to buy. After a stop at the pharmacy, I crashed into bed again, watched Old School again, and passed out for several hours. I was supposed to have an interview at 6:30 today, which I had to postpone till Friday... probably for the best, since getting your prospective employer sick doesn't exactly leave the best impression.

So now it's getting late and I'm still exhausted. I've read some of the cases for tomorrow so it shouldn't take much more to be fully prepared in the event that I feel well enough to attend class in the morning. Speaking of class.... I've learned a big lesson: When you arrive at IESE and you're going through your first year and you're stressed out, do NOT listen to second year students who tell you that the second term is easier than the first, or that the third term is a breeze. This is the hardest term off all! The professors are ball-breakers, the classes are taught in Greek instead of English, and they give us HOMEWORK. As if! I now don't even believe the second year students who say the second year is really fun and much easier than first year.

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