Monday, March 20, 2006

The best part of the day...

... is riding down the hill after school.

Every morning I cycle up to school on my schnazzy Decathlon brand bike, loaded down with my laptop and the day's cases. The route to IESE from my house (and from most places in Barcelona) is almost entirely uphill. Sometimes I ride alone, listening to music. Other times I ride with George. And sometimes we meet Jan-Kees along the way, because he lives just down the street, and we form a little IESE bike gang.

Riding to school is great because you don't have to follow any traffic laws and you can ride on the sidewalk. I usually pass two or three buses en route. But riding to school sucks because it's uphill and my bag is heavy and I arrive there kind of sweaty. I have to bring a change of shirt.

But after a long day of classes, I love walking out the gates of IESE knowing my trusty steed is waiting for me, ready to whisk me down the mountain. Riding downhill at the end of a long day is the absolute best. I smile every time.

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Bili Rubin said...

Lovely vignette, and lovelier photo.