Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hospital Tour 2005

Last night I stayed with Mom and Dad in their giant bed at the Hotel Palace downtown. I had to wake up at 4:30 to take medicine and then the alarm went off again at 6 to get them out of bed. At 7:30 Dad asked me if I wanted to stay there for a while, but I think I would've felt weirder if I did, so I jumped out of bed and got dressed.

They checked out and headed for the airport, and I went home. I think they took the sun with them to California. This morning was grey and drizzly... rather depressing. Good thing the nice weather lasted for their entire trip! Mom has most of the pictures from their visit on her camera, but I got this choice shot of them putting together my Ikea floor lamp. See what a lawyer and an MBA/PhD can do? I'm sure there's a joke in here somewhere...

Many thanks to them for helping get my room so spic-n-span and for getting shelves for me while I was at school and then sick!

Anyway, after mom and dad left I spoke to Lali the dermatologist again. Her husband Jose is also a doctor and he managed to get a hold of one of his colleagues who was working today at Hospital Clinic and she agreed to see me. So I showered up and headed down there. This wasn't as fancy and sparkly as Teknon, where I went Thursday and Saturday, but hey it was still nice. The doctor saw me almost immediately and told me to just keep taking medicine and resting, and that hopefully I would start to feel better soon. I'll see Lali or Jose when they're back from the holiday, probably on Wednesday (maybe this will mean seeing another new hospital!) and I'll be able to continue my streak of a hospital every other day for a week. Rock on!

I got back home around 11:30 and spent the afternoon studying. I went to Huy's for a change of pace around 5 because he had printed out the case for Organizational Behavior for me. We reviewed the case for a while and chatted and then I came back home and tried to study some more. George organized a pizza dinner for a bunch of people, but I opted not to go because I still can't eat solid food (hurts my throat too much) so I went to see Wedding Crashers in Spanish instead.

Tomorrow we have another day off from school, for the actual holiday... I don't remember which one. Today wasn't actually a holiday, but a "bridge" day between the weekend and the holiday, so a lot of stores were still open. Tomorrow everything will be closed. A good day to study, and maybe see another movie if I feel up to it. We'll see. I'm looking forward to being healthy again so I can go back to swimming at night and playing soccer. I'm even looking forward to going back to class!

Thanks again for a great week, Mom and Dad. Sorry I was sick for half of it, but I'm so glad you were here to take such good care of me!!

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The Mom and The Dad said...

The joke is....How many terminal degrees does it take for two parents to assemble an IKEA lamp? None if their daughter has a film degree from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts!