Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bad things happen in threes?

Hey I have found the silver lining! You see, I know (or have been told) that bad things happen in threes, and I was wondering when and what the third would be. 1. Dumped. 2. Hospital. 3. ???

NOW I KNOW! Complete and utter midterm failure!

You may think this is a bad thing and I should be sad or disappointed or depressed. But I'm not at all, because finally the third bad thing will be completely over tomorrow and I can have some fun! See? The eternal optimist still exists.

Last night I studied for the Decision Analysis midterm at school until about 9 and then attempted to study more at home, but I was pretty burnt so I ended up doing a whole lot of nothing for about an hour. At 11, George and Marco went to bed and I tried to go back to studying. And suddenly I couldn't do anything. I called Francis, who agreed to come by and help me out (he's very good at explaining DA, even though I'm very bad at remembering it later.).

We went through a couple of the review exercises in last year's midterm and then went out on the terrace for a break and some fresh air. It was pouring and very cold and after a few minutes we were ready to head back in. Unfortunately, I never realized that the door locks automatically when you close it. No one has ever gone out on that terrace and closed the door without lots of other people around. I kept trying the door and Francis thought I was joking. I could see our mobile phones sitting on the dining room table, mocking us. Finally I tried the other side of the sliding door... which is broken! Thank god, because that's the only reason we got back in. I can only imagine how much better my exam would've gone today after spending the night outside on the terrace in the freezing cold rain. Afterward, Alex said it was a good omen that we'd managed to get back inside and I'd do really well on the exam. Hmmm.... I think my omen machine isn't working.

Anyway, Francis was a big help as usual and I was asleep by 1. Got up bright and early this morning, had a nice hot (finally!) shower, and headed to school. The test was HARD. I read through it all first and started with the easiest stuff, which happened to be on the last page. So I know I got at least a couple of points. I didn't answer about half of the questions because I just couldn't figure them out, and the other half... well who knows. I prepared so much for the test and managed to get through all of the practice exercises and the midterm from last year, and the test turned out to be ten times harder than all of that. I was expecting the worst, and I was still surprised!

So for tomorrow, I will expect the hardest accounting test ever. And then maybe it won't be so bad. And after that, who cares? I'll be 100 euro richer and on my way to Milan to play soccer. By this time tomorrow I'll be getting off the plane in Italy!


Anonymous said...

I read Sandrine's comment and I decided to make one too. I am a second year here at IESE and I am not in exchange. I also read your blog as much as I can and I feel adicted to know what are experiencing in the first year and trying to relate it to my own experience. I also was in section A (The best one by the way) and I recognize many of the things you say about teachers, it is giving me the thrils!

I really hope you will see later that these midterms are a really short term, very short term, anxiety. In some hours you'll come out of bloody Sutton's accouting torture and you'll feel ready for the next imbossible task, and eventually almost forget the midterms. Don´t forget that the finals are going to be much harder! (this is not sarcasm)

I also wanted to mention why I am writting this as anonymous. Sometimes I see you here in the campus but I always feel awkward in talking to you just because I read your blog. I like your blog as it is and you don't need my comments about it.

keep up the good spirit, I like your blog.

NoellieBellie said...

Hey thanks for your comment! Though I'm not so excited about the finals being even harder... I was expecting that already but now I'm definitely screwed.

I have no idea who this is (obviously) but please don't be a stranger on campus! :)