Sunday, November 06, 2005

Last weekend before ... MIDTERMS!

Everyone is studying like crazy, trying to prepare for our midterms in Decision Analysis and Financial Accounting. I am doing the best I can to prepare, but I know that there are just some things that will make me draw a blank come test day. Hopefully not EVERYTHING will look like a foreign language when I open up my test booklet!

Last night team A6 went for dinner at a Basque tapas restaurant. Noshaba took photos, but I haven't managed to get my hands on them yet. When I do, I'll be sure to add some here. After dinner, we went out to a bar nearby, which happened to be the same one where we played Twister during the Bar Crawl a month ago. It made me miss my purple mohawk.

The rest of the team stayed out quite late, but I knew I had a full day of studying ahead of me, so I left there pretty early and went home to bed. I woke up way to early (now it's bright out by 7:30 thanks to the time change) and got started with studying. First over at Jan-Kees's house with Noshaba - where we first had to spend some time playing with his little son Jonas - and then back here at my place with Francis, who helped me out a ton with Decision Analysis. I'm still not really sure what I'm doing though...

Anyway, after a day spent studying I'm ready to crash. We have a long week ahead. Three full days of class, then our DA exam for 3 hours on Thursday and our FA exam for 3 hours on Friday. Friday night I'm supposed to fly to Milan with a bunch of students because we are playing a soccer tournament against Bocconi, the Italian business school, but I'm worried that I won't be allowed back in the country because my student visa has now expired and I don't yet have my resident card. Maybe it's a good excuse to sneak out of the MBA!

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