Wednesday, November 02, 2005

End of the weekend, end of October, end of...?

It's November 1st. 5 weeks until I turn 27. I better make the most of it, since I've always thought I'd die at age 26!!!

Well, the long holiday weekend is over and I have to say I'm relieved. Being in class again will be very welcome. I'm looking forward to being around people and being busy again... too busy to think about other things. I haven't been in class in almost a week. No wonder I've felt so out of it!

This morning I woke up bright and early at 7 to a blue sky and plenty of sunshine. I did some reading for tomorrow's marketing class and then made myself a FABULOUS breakfast of baby food. Yes, I haven't been able to consume solid food for days because of my sore throat. Mom picked up several jars of baby food and you can tell she's a mom because every time she "prepared" it (popped the jar into the microwave), it was perfect! Meanwhile, on my first effort, I sort of blew it up. Good thing I'd put a plate underneath! I'm going to be a terrible mother. Not only because of the baby food debacle, but because kids make me laugh too much so mine are sure to be completely out of control. I'll be cracking up as they swing from the rafters and break things.

But I digress. After consuming some fabulous Nestle Baby concoction, I ventured outside and went up to IESE, where I met my teammate Gabriel. Big props to Gabriel for helping me A LOT with accounting. We went through last year's midterm and, well, I will do just fine in my midterm next week as long as I'm allowed to sit next to and converse with Gabriel. I'll have to practice a lot on my own this week. Scary.

After a few hours, I walked home and met my friend Francis along the way. I didn't really feel like going home because it's kind of bumming me out lately (everyone always in their little rooms, nose glued to books) so he and I had a coffee outside and enjoyed some fresh air while it was still light out. Then we went to his house, which is always entertaining because he lives with five others... David from Oregon, Lena from Russia by way of the Netherlands, Christina from Spain, Alex and Benjamin from France. And it was just as I'd hoped. Alex and Benjamin put on some French music and were dancing around, and then I put on my favorite French song by George Brassens and the dancing continued. Francis showed me how to do the discounting problems for tomorrow's Decision Analysis class. Then he cooked dinner for everyone... and I ate my first solid meal in a long time! Spaghetti Bolognese. Fantastic. Did some more studying there and then came home.

Now I'm listening to Frank Sinatra because for some reason he's very comforting right now. I think because fall is coming... Then again, I like to listen to Frank at any time of the year! But now, it's time for bed. Tomorrow I have long day of classes again (till 5pm) and then I have to go back to the doctor for what will hopefully be my last visit. I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll finally start to feel better!

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Raveendran said...

Hi Noelle,
Great to know that you are getting better.

All the best for mid-terms.