Monday, November 14, 2005

From Shinguards to Business Suits

Ahhhh what a difference a weekend away can make...

I am now far more exhausted than I was even during the midterms, but it was so worth it! Friday night I took a cab to Barcelona airport with Joanne and Blathin, both from Ireland. Within one second of passing through security, Joanne was shopping in duty free and I was eating chocolate. Good start. The flight to Milan was pretty uneventful since everyone was so pooped from the week. We landed, got to our hotel, showered up, and headed out on the town.

Ready for pizza: Rodolfo (Mexico), Shun (Japan), Shadenn (Mexico), Jubin (NYC), Joanne (Ireland), Vidar (Norway), Carol (Chicago), moi, Blaithin (Ireland), and Rick (Netherlands)

A big group of us when for pizza (mmmmm!) and then I ended up in a very strange bar called Loolapalooza with Carol and four second-year guys, Diederik, Jubin (our coach), Rick, and Vidar. We agreed to just go for a few minutes... There were random girls dancing on the bar, the bartenders were flinging the hanging lamps around and nearly knocking people out, and the music would switch from Italian pop songs to the "Grease" medley to eminem in a matter of minutes. Carol and I ended up dancing on the bar to Grease... Ahh, I travel all the way to Milan to end up in a bar playing music from a cheezy American movie from the 70s. It doesn't get better than that. We got back to the hotel at 5am.

Rick with legs (not mine or Carol's!!!!)

At 9:30 the next morning - er, the same morning - we dragged ourselves to breakfast and to the soccer field to play our first match. Milan is FREEZING and cloudy and depressing. But no matter, it was nice to get away from Barcelona and midterms and school and have a change of scenery. We played two matches against Bocconi's two womens teams, and won 3-1 and 10-0. (No, that's not a typo.) The guys team played against London Business School and then Bocconi and won both easily. They proceeded to win both of their games Sunday - against INSEAD and LBS - as well (the girls didn't have any Sunday matches) so IESE swept the tournament. As planned!

Victorious IESE ladies: Fay (US), Joanne, Carol, Blaithin, me, Gemma (Valencia), Shadenn

Shadenn waiting for something... ANYTHING... to happen:

Some of the victorious IESE guys: Roberto (Mexico), Tomas (Portugal), Chris (US), Keith (US), David (Spain), Jon (Spain), Paul (UK), Diederik (Germany), Milko (Bulgaria)

After our Saturday matches we all headed back to the hotel. Some people went straight back out to watch some international soccer matches, but I took a much-needed nap. All the nappers went to dinner together at a great restaurant in the city center and then we went to a very cheesy (and yet fun) club called Casablanca, where Bocconi had set everyone up with free entrance and free drinks. The rest of the night turned into the kind of trip you go on when you're in high school and up to no good. Pranks in the hotel, people falling asleep in the wrong rooms (by accident or on purpose) and too little sleep.

Sunday morning the guys had to play more soccer, but we ladies were able to take our time getting out of the hotel. We went out to lunch near the Duomo and then I met up with Elodie and we spent the afternoon catching up. We realized we hadn't seen each other in two years... that's scary.

Our flight back would have been uneventful except that half our group nearly missed it. Other than that, it was pretty quiet. Please note, certain details have been left out... "to protect the innocent." As we all agreed on the way to Italy, what happens in Milan stays in Milan. Just like Vegas, baby.

Today we were back to reality. Actually, altered reality. Because today Section A had our Mock Interview day. So that meant business suits. Ugh. In the rain! Double ugh. But we didn't have to start till 10:30. Hooray! We had an interview seminar thing from 10:30 to 1:30, which was run really well, and then most peoples' mock interviews started at 3pm. I was interviewing with Google, and our interviewer was supposed to arrive from Madrid at 5pm. So I had 4 hours to kill, preparing for the interview and brushing up on my Google knowledge. Then his flight was delayed, so we didn't actually start until 6:30, but he was really nice and the session was quite helpful and informative. We were all interviewed in a group, which was a really bizarre experience. I was interviewed third, so I was able to capitalize on the mistakes of the first two people and I knew what to expect, more or less. And one of the questions the guy asked me was why the ipod nano isn't doing as well as Apple expected. Awesome. That's a question I can answer! Who knows if this will lead to an internship in Madrid or London next summer... regardless, it was a good experience overall, even though I didn't get home till nearly 9pm.

We still haven't received our midterm results, so I don't know yet if I'm 100 euro richer... I hope I am though because we spent a fortune on taxis in Milan!

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