Thursday, November 03, 2005

A chapter closes

My sister Nicole got a package via UPS today from my evidently officially ex-boyfriend Casey. In it were my files with all my important documents I'd left at his house (thinking I'd be coming back there in December) and keys to my storage spaces, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. He wrote a note that said all my belongings that had been at his place were now in one of the two storage spaces. I haven't heard from him since Saturday night after my 2nd hospital trip. I'm gutted. That said, today is the last day I will comment on this matter. (Famous last words.)

Classes really took it out of me today. Shows how sick I've been. Even walking up a flight of stairs leaves me winded! We had our usual 8:30 team meeting, and then Marketing, Analysis of Business Problems, lunch (I ate some chicken!!! - I figure I already have bird flu, so why not?!), then Decision Analysis, and Spanish. After Spanish class I went to see Lali, my friend who is a dermatologist and who had set up my appointment with the other doctor at Hospital Clinic on Monday. She said that my throat is still a mess, as are my glands, but that I should hopefully be well enough to exercise this weekend. She invited me to go running Saturday morning if I'm up for it. She and her husband Jose had taken Casey and me out to dinner when he visited, and she was sorry to hear about the split.

In other news.... Let's see... Barcelona won their Champions League match handily. I couldn't play soccer with the girls team tonight because I'm still too sick, but hopefully I'll be well enough to play on Friday in the guys' league. Tomorrow's already Thursday. What a relief! I will need to rest and study a lot this weekend.

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Eyes25 said...

I'm sorry Noelle!! That's got to be rough, in fact, I know it is. Make sure you surround yourself with good friends and lots of love and if you need any entertaining stories to make you laugh, just holla... my life is full of those. I'm here for ya though!! Keep your chin up!! ( I'm so happy I can finally say that to someone who is not in Iraq, and won't have to worry about my advice getting them shot) Anyhow, i'm still a freak, and miss you lots!! Erin :)