Tuesday, November 29, 2005

James Spader... Sadler... Spadler?

Today my friend David Miller looked at me in the cafe after class and said, "I finally figured out who you look like! James Spader in Less Than Zero!"

Awesome. Okay, the crazy thing is that this is NOT the first time I've heard this. The last time I had short hair (about 7 years ago) someone told me the same. I also heard Princess Diana. I think James Spader is actually better.

Considering I spent a year and a half dating an 80s movie actor, why not try looking like an 80s movie actor? Hey, what I can't find in someone else I'd better create in myself!

What do you think?


Francis Lewis said...

Had to be the first to comment on this Noelle - remarkable !
Let´s see a Lady Di one next - you could do "Noelle's celebrity lookie-likie of the week" !

Francis (additional, omitted comments by David Miller)

George said...

Hey.. i can say i shared my apartment with a star! (which is, i'm sorry francis, better than sharing with david miller...)

noahstone said...


Anonymous said...

fantastic! have you seen that movie Secretary? maybe you have a stange S&M movie in your future... and maybe that wasn't an appropriate comment... anyway, glad you're having a good time, and passing (of course).


ShannonDerby said...

Crazy resemblance! Congrats on the examenes!!!

Michelle said...

That is hysterical...you are still more beautiful than ever baby!

xoxox, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle and all IESE alumni readers!

first of all, congratulations! You made it!

We all heard about IESE 's relation with Opus dei but some people say that with the new dean the relation is stronger and therefore, the atmosphere is more tensed and very less liberal...

Can I have you genuine opinion?

Anonymous said...


Can you tell us more about IESE and the link with Opus Dei?

NoellieBellie said...

Wow. Sorry, anonymous... you posted in May 2007 about a post from Nov 2005. It was only by chance I happened to see it. Not sure if you'll be back, but about Opus Dei:

If you want a strong connection, you can have it. If you don't, you don't have to. that's pretty much the way it works!