Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another humpday bites the dust (cue Queen)

12:15 am and I'm just finishing up my accounting homework. Fortunately, it's the last of the three assignments I've been preparing for tomorrow.... and I also understand it! I've become very good at time management lately, which seems odd since I also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time annoying and being annoyed by people (in a good way, of course) on Messenger and Skype.

I'm still floating on the I-haven't-failed-anything-yet cloud, and I plan to stay on it as long as possible. I also haven't paid Francis yet, but we agreed today that I would take him out for 100 euro worth of fancy food and Cava rather than just dishing out cold hard cash. Since the whole 1st year has heard of our bet either through him or me or this blog, everyone has been coming up to us asking when I'm paying up. I'M STILL HAPPY I LOST!

And finally, I went to my first Barcelona match at Camp Nou last night with David. Really, the guy couldn't have crappier seats. I mean we were all the way back in like the FIFTH row. And a full 6 feet away from the halfway line. I was appalled. I'm really a 3rd row, exactly at the halfway line kinda girl. I think at one point some of Ronaldinho's sweat landed on me. (Oh and Barcelona won. "Of course," to quote David.)

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