Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday morning

Ahhhh a long night's sleep at last! Thursday night I went to my first BOW since classes started. I met Huy at his place and then we went to La Bolsa, which felt a lot like a bar I know in the East Village. They have a system there (hence the name of the bar) where the drink prices go up or down depending on how many people are buying a certain drink. So if everyone is buying Corona, the price goes up. I wonder how Pabst Blue Ribbon would do there.... Anyway, after La Bolsa we went to Sutton Club, where I'd sworn I'd never go because they always make everyone wait in a stupid queue outside and I hate waiting, but I broke down and went anyway.

I slept about 3 hours on Thursday night, but I had done all my work before going out so I was able to fully participate in class yesterday. We got our Spanish midterm quizzes back and I think Andreas and I got the highest score, at 85. Monday I have to give another Spanish presentation... anyone have any topic suggestions?

Yesterday was Madhur's 30th birthday AND Jan-Kees and his wife Maggie found out that they are definitely having a second baby and they can now officially share the news with everyone. Definitely a day to celebrate. Our team went to JK's house for a little while, and then we all went on to dinner at a Cuban place to celebrate with Madhur. I thought I wouldn't get plantains till I got back to NYC, so I was psyched when a plate of them was set down on the table. After dinner everyone went to other parties but I was just too tired to stay out any longer and went to bed. Tonight there's a big party to celebrate Madhur, Juha, and Ali's birthdays and tomorrow I'm going to see Coldplay because someone from our class had to give up his tickets. Sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like life is improving! Good for you. You're moving forward! And you're clearly earning your progress through hours of hard work! But hey! That's what you came to Barcelona to do - learn to be a smart CEO! Pretty good odds of that happening now that you stood up to the pressure and showed you could survive it. Not everyone does, but most folks at IESE do because they're made of tough those little tough pot scrubbies that never wear out. Sometimes they do look a little the worse for wear - like IESE students do after one too many tough exams in a row, but they keep coming back for more. That's probably why they all succeed in life. Wonder if the admissions folk just select on that characteristic alone?

I enjoy reading your blog, so keep writing! It sure beats the London Times Business Section for laughs and groans of recognition!