Friday, November 11, 2005

A quickie

Just a brief update for those of you who are GAGGING to know how my accounting midterm went today. Um, I'm not sure. I think I got everything wrong! But hey at least I answered them all. And Tim Sutton will be amused when he reads my note for one of the answers that went something like this: (We were supposed to make cash flow statements for four months and I couldn't make them work, but had created T-accounts that seemed to make sense)

"Tim, I am aware that these are not CFS's, but I couldn't seem to make them look right so I've just done some T-accounts here and at least you can see what my thought process is, and then I can practice cash flow statements more this weekend."

Hm. Partial credit? Perhaps not, but it was worth a shot. And the actual numbers seemed to be correct.... Then again, this was in hour three, so maybe I was just delirious.

Now I'm trying to finish packing up for Milan. To be honest I'm really tired and would rather just go to bed than get on a plane, but I'm sure all that will change once we're on our way. Six girls and 20 or so guys on the same flight. Many of us having just completed midterms.... should be interesting!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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