Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bar Crawl!

After a weeklong, full-speed roller-coaster ride, we let off a little steam at the annual Bar Crawl, which 2nd year students organize for 1st years. We compete in our teams (A6, for me) and we are also organized by section. Section A had to dress as punks, Section B as nerds, and Section C as 70s disco. Each team captain (that would be yours truly) was given a map outlining what bar we were supposed to be at each hour, starting at 8pm and getting to the last bar at midnight. At each bar we had to play a little game and 2nd year judges would rate our performances on a scale of 1-10. Team A6 is awesome. Unfortunately, Matteo had to go home to Italy this weekend and Marcus went to the Pyrenees for a hiking trip, but the rest of us carried on. (Actually, Juan Ramon couldn't be convinced to join until we all called him after the 3rd bar and harrassed him.) It was a great bonding experience (especially making mohawks in Diego's bathroom!) even though we didn't win in the end. More photos to come as I receive them from friends. In this one: Madhur, me, Noshaba, Jan-Kees, and Gabriel.

Thursday was a pretty tough day for me. Classes were fine and all, but that night we had our first accounting cases and I just couldn't make them work. I worked on one for about 4 hours and finally had to give up, balance sheet still completely imbalanced, because A6 from last year had invited us to a 7:30 BBQ. At that point, the last thing I wanted to do was go to a barbecue, but it turned out to be the best possible thing I could've done. Besides going running, maybe. We met several 2nd year students who appear to have survived, and they all gave us some funny insight into the program. I got home at 11:30 and fell directly into bed, without even attempting to try to finish that accounting problem. Fortunately I didn't get called on in class because I wouldn't even have been able to explain the things I did get right, and I found out that I never would've figured out how to balance the darn thing on my own anyway. I need to hire an accountant.

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Anonymous said...

Your awesome team of punkers definitely should have won the section competition! What a terrific way to bid farewell to the first week, of the first year.

And what a great group of second years to understand the need to help first years through the maze of crises. Kudos to them. Nice of them to play the role of cheerleaders and remind the first years that a whole other class has just survived this educational nightmare...aaahhhh... excuse me... educational experience!

Actually to accompany your blog-based movie script, your section could create a new board game over the summer. Just think: "Save money! Get 6 ticket for the movie and the "MBA at IESE Survival Game" to play afterwards for the combo package price of ........! Better price it in yen, Euros, and dollars! It's sure to be an international best seller!

Hang in there! You're still standing and you now have one less week of first year experiences to survive!