Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Today I officially got dumped. Over email. While I was in class, and just before I was supposed to give a little speech in front of my entire class. I shouldn't be suprised because (a) it has happened before and (b) I felt it coming, but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

I've been having trouble concentrating on my work the last few days because of all of this, and eating isn't really appealing either. I'm doing the best I can, but my mind keeps wandering to Casey and hoping he is okay. At the end of the day, I just want him to be happy and, while I wish that that could happen with me, I can only hope he'll start to feel better soon. I know my coming here was really hard for him, as well as for me, but I really didn't think it would end like this... or end at all. I'm sick over it. Casey, if you read this, I miss you a lot and I hope you're alright.

Mine is the latest in a string of IESE relationships to fall apart. Several people in my class have returned home for a weekend to try to fix a relationship, only to come back single, or get a phone call and find out the other person doesn't want to be with them anymore. I guess it's a risk you take when you go away, but I know I'm not the only one who wasn't expecting it at all and who had hoped theirs would be one of the ones that worked out.

Anyway, now it's 7:20 and I haven't started studying yet. I have to prepare a marketing case about the Sony EyeToy, which is a product for Playstation 2 that came out last year. Take 2 (my old parent company) is mentioned in the case, which is pretty funny. Of course there's also accounting to prepare, and a report due Monday for Analysis of Business Problems which scares me to death. And I need to finish it by Friday because my parents are arriving this weekend. Thank goodness for that. I really need a hug. Okay I'd better get to work. Have to stay busy and try not to think too much... otherwise I start to cry.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be looking mails during class... ;-)
"En España decimos que no hay mal que cien años dure"
I don't know how good is your spanish so, I'll try to translate it: "In Spain, We say there is no pain that lasts a hundred of years"
Random Dinner and Hallowen Party are coming so Cheer up!!!
1st year IESEian

Nicole Sadler said...


Anonymous said...

if makes you feel better.. I think there are many people around the world loosing GFs/BFs to schools.. Myself included!!

Anonymous said...

on reflection - it prolly doesn't make you feel any better..