Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday is the greatest day

I was told on Tuesday that I'm only allowed to be sad until Thursday and that on Friday I must be happy again. So I'm going to hit the sack now, after several hours of accounting hell (I THINK maybe I kind of understand it a little bit, perhaps) and a bit of marketing limbo, and hopefully when I wake up I'll magically feel okay!

Anyway, today was long and busy, and that's a good thing. Usual morning meeting, then usual classes, had a little test in organizational behavior (I think I may have been fried by then), then a presentation by some dude who used a lot of very big words written in very small writing on too many slides. Had a nice walk home in the sunshine - yes it has finally stopped raining - and then attempted some accounting. Got a few phone calls, chatted with my roommates... it's too hard to start studying right away after a long day of classes. I went for a swim at 10, which was a good way to break up the evening, though I realized just how pale I have become in the last month since school started. Yikes.

Tomorrow is Friday, which is fantastic. That will mean three weeks of school have already passed. Seems like three years. And mom and dad arrive this weekend. I have a feeling they will see how thin I have become and force feed me... which is fine with me! I need some fancy dinners right about now! Just need to figure out how to get an appetite back...

Okay it's late, I'm talking nonsense, and it's time to go to bed. Six hours till the whole thing starts over. It's like Groundhog Day, except without Bill Murray. Which is too bad for me.

Theme song for the week: "I Want To Break Free" by Queen. Same theme song as nearly a year ago!


Anonymous said...

OK it's time to "get over it." The Friday deadline seems reasonable given that you've already had practice getting through this before.

NoellieBellie said...

Uhhh... thanks. It's Friday and it's sunny and I'm feeling good.

That said, things take time. Practice doens't make perfect. I'll keep the happy Friday face on though.