Saturday, October 22, 2005


Okay actually Friday is the greatest day. :) Today it's again sunny and beautiful and all is well.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, which is strange because I was exhausted, so I just kept reviewing accounting and trying to figure out where I'd made a mistake. (I didn't find it till this morning in my team meeting, but oh well.) So I was a little shocked when my alarm went off after what seemed like 20 minutes. Usual drill... shower, dress, dance around room for 5 minutes while listening to music - this is very important if I want to start the day right - walk to bus and find I'm dressed EXACTLY the same as George, coffee and croissant at the cafe at school, then team meeting.

I was presenting my accounting answers this morning and got frustrated when it seemed like no one was paying attention because I suck at all this stuff. But it turned out I did it right, so even though I was mildly irritated after the meeting, I felt better in class. Then marketing, which was entertaining as usual. At lunch I had my career services meeting and I feel like I have a good handle on where I need to look for internships. My advisor is very understanding of what I want to do, and I think she'll be really helpful, even though I'll have to do most of the legwork myself since companies that interest me won't be coming to the school to shop for grads. After that I had a quick lunch with Madhur from my team and our decision analysis professor ended up joining us.

After lunch, organizational behavior, and then Spanish class, where I got my grade from Wednesday's test (fine, but not the highest score this time) and we learned our whole group would be progressing to modulo 9 together. Now it's 6 and I'm just back from school. In a few minutes I'll leave to play soccer with the boys, and then I guess I'll have an early night since Dad arrives tomorrow morning. Man, I'm glad it's Friday. And I'm even happier about playing FUTBOL!

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