Monday, October 24, 2005

What a difference...

... a week makes.

My hair is a little longer. The sun has been shining. I finished that stupid rabbit fur report! Actually, I printed it at 5pm. A full 20 hours before it's due. Sweet.

Dad arrived last night and Mom arrived this morning. We spent a few hours at their hotel, lazing around, while I finished writing my paper. Went to IESE so I could print it out and so they could see the school. Then we went for dinner at Contraluz... very tasty.

Now it's late and I should really be in bed. Tomorrow... career forum. Career forum = business suit. Business suit = sucky. Good thing I only have to be there until 2pm. We are required to attend 5 presentations each day, which is a problem for me because none of the companies presenting interest me in the slightest. They're all banks or consulting firms or pharmaceutical companies. Oh and Phillip Morris. I'm sure mom would love it if I worked there.

So I'll sit in the back, bring some cases to read, and try to learn a little something. I should probably research some of the companies I signed up for actually... I have no clue what half of them are!

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