Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hard times hit

I'm sad. Tough weekend. After the haircut from hell, I thought things couldn't possibly get worse, but I was wrong. I won't elaborate right now, but point is it looks like I'm definitely single again. I'm so stupid.

On to the keep-your-chin-up news. Let's see... Saturday night I went with my friend Kathy to this store opening that Genevieve from admissions invited us to. It was cool to be in a hip new store (very much like dozens in NYC) around non-business people. What a relief. Then we went for our girls night out, for dinner at a restaurant called La Canela. It was fun to get so many of the girls together (we were 25, so there were definitely many missing, but that was still the majority of the IESE women!) and just have a relaxing, fun dinner. We had also heard that the boys had made a list of the hottest IESE girls, so we agreed that we had to create our own. The guys all heard about girls' night of course, and about the upcoming List, so they were all looking forward to hearing the results afterward. Of course, it's not official till everyone gets to vote. :)

Yesterday I got up early and studied and did exciting things like laundry. Then, in the afternoon, horrible things happened and I couldn't study any more... or sleep, when the time came. This morning I woke up looking like I'd been punched in both eyes, which looked really good with the new haircut! Yikes. But it was nice to be at school again, surrounded by people, even with the scary haircut and puffy eyes, because at least I could take my mind off the heartbreak. For a little while anyway.

After Spanish today I heard about a presentation by L'Oreal and decided to go. Most of the companies that come to IESE are banks or consulting firms, which don't interest me, so I figured I should at least attend this one, since it's so different. It was interesting enough, but I'm exhausted and it's a little tough to get enthused about anything at the moment. So now it's just after 7, I've just arrived home, and I'm going to start to prepare my cases for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to bed early and will feel better tomorrow. Hey, at least my hair will be a little longer tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Guess I'd better get my hair cut like yours and get ahead of the fashion curve for a change. If you're wearing it, in just a few more weeks before everyone else will be imitating your look and your stylist will be famous and no one will be able to get a cut with her and she'll have gazillioned her prices! Quick what's her number?