Sunday, October 16, 2005

Never let a Spanish person near your hair with scissors

or... "Holy crap, what the hell just happened?!?!?!"

Um. Today I got the worst haircut of my entire life. I look like a 17 year old London punk. It's very very bad. I'm not sure I can go outside for the next month, but then I'll fail school for lack of attendance. Then again, when the business school people see my hair they may be forced to kick me out anyway.

I told the woman that I wanted it shorter in the back (because it was a shaggy mess) and keep it longer in the front, and nothing to hard or sharp. She came at me with the clippers, but that's normal because I have short hair and they usually do a little cleanup in the back with them. Next thing I knew, she had run them up the back of my head, all the way to the crown. Too much hair fell on my lap. I reached back and almost started to cry right then and there. She had buzzed a streak up the back of my head! I mean BUZZED. We're talking a 1/4 inch here, people.

I had explained to her that I'm in business school and should look presentable, particularly with interviews coming up next week. How exactly that translated into what I now have, I'm really not sure.

Anyway, she assured me that it would look great when she was done. Maybe I'd agree if she'd given me a paper bag to wear over it... I'm really not sure how I can go out tonight ... or any other time! I think I might still be in shock. I should've spent 800 bucks to fly back to NYC just for a haircut with Hanako. It would've been worth it.

See? Okay... looks a little normal here.

Still doing okay....

Looking a little... odd.


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Igor (CRO) said...

This would be a great movie title:
"Julie Andrews meets the barber from Seville".

Very sorry bout the haircut, keep in there, think the blog is great.