Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Never thought I'd say it, but...

... I miss New York!

Last night at dinner they were playing Nat King Cole in the restaurant. How random to hear Nat in a restaurant in Barcelona. It made me think of NYC in the fall, which is my favorite time of year there. Halloween approaching, the leaves changing, then Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. And then... January, February, March. Barf. Anyway, I do miss New York. Two months away has given me the time and perspective to appreciate the place again, and perhaps even feel some longing to be there. So, even though I was completely fed up with the place after 9 years, I will be happy to see it again on December 22!

Today was the second of the 2-day career forum. I went to more presentations, and spent all my time in between them (and afterward) studying. It took me hours to do this accounting review case, and I still haven't finished completely but I'm just too tired to do anymore. Fortunately I read the other cases for tomorrow yesterday.

It'll be nice to wear regular clothes again and just go to regular classes. And tomorrow I get to play soccer again! Always a bonus.

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