Thursday, October 06, 2005


Day 3 is officially over, because it's 12:22am and I'm still reading my marketing case for tomorrow morning.

Today was a very VERY long day. Morning meeting, Marketing class (I participated again - and found the answer to everything: "Don't piss off the customer" - I have this class locked, except for the numbers part), Decision Analysis, Managerial Communications, then some usual Q/A BS for an hour about school policy, then SPANISH class (caramba!) with our new profesora, then I walked home and finally got in the door at 6pm.

So ...
Marketing - good.

Decision Analysis - so-so. My background in film was actually a hindrance here because I couldn't get my head around how weak the case was. Also, I got lost about 2/3 of the way through. But then I though that, 2 days ago, I had never seen any of this crap and now I can do 2/3 by myself. Maybe by Friday I'll be able to do the last 1/3 by myself... and then there will be a new 2/3 to learn. Oh God.

Lunch - n/a. I spent this time reading for the next class.

Managerial Communications - zzzzzz. Hey but this class is Pass/Fail! Awesome. One class I will automatically not fail. 5 more to go... I need to not fail 3 of them. I don't like these odds. Too bad I don't have time for a decision tree on this one. Actually, too bad I didn't know about the decision tree BEFORE deciding whether to try an MBA! Hmph! Anyway, in this class we have to do presentations and stuff. Easy. I've never been accused of shyness.

BS session - Sorry, but I'm really tired of hearing about school policy, and especially tired of listening to people ask dumb questions and then answers that don't pertain to anyone else. Frustrating. For section B, this session lasted 5 minutes. For us, an hour. And we were late to Spanish!

4-5pm Spanish. Our new profesora is Eugenia. She's nice, but I really miss Mama Maribel. Which reminds me, I still haven't posted my Spanish class pics. I will do that soon. They're on a friend's camera.

5pm - walk home. I decided to get some air and some exercise so I skipped the bus. I walked part way with my friend Andreas, who is also thinking he will fail. He has spent the first week also thinking maybe he shouldn't have come here. Maybe I should start a club called "What the hell am I doing here?!" I know of at least half a dozen definite members. And anyway, everyone else would join just because we're so cool.

6pm - attempt to start homework.

6:30pm - wake up with face on chapter 6 of accounting book. Hopefully I learned something about Annual Accounts through reverse osmosis. At this point, I'm willing to try anything.

7pm - now... Studying. Or, attempting to. Everyone is really tired tonight. No one seems to be able to buckle down and study. Marco also woke up with his face on his accounting homework. I guess that's the beauty of humpday.

I need to finish reading if I ever want to go to bed. The case for marketing is 25 pages and about something called Dominite that can be used for ceramic tiles and primer paint. Or something like that. I wish it were called Dolomite and was really a blaxploitation film. That would be much more interesting.

OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!!!!! One more year, and you can rent a car!


morebello said...

Hi Noelle...we saw your parents last week at a hospital fuction and your mom gave us your "BLOG" address. We have not been to Spain since 1967 so it's fun to hear about all of your adventures. We know grad school is tough, especially after being away from school for awhile but students with your brainpower and talent always excel and this degree is no exception. Have fun while you are there and we will continue to monitor your BLOG..Hugs, Sam & Mona Morebello

George said...

Noelle, in reply to your comment i'm going to create a club a little different.. called "What the hell I WAS doing THERE!" :D

SimplyTaty said...

Hey girl
Missing you like crazy and have been checking your adventures. Will send an email soon.

JB said...

Hi, I have been reading through your blog :) and I could see myself a year ago when I was struggling with the cases!
As would say my team leader last year, grades are not important… Just work, work and work and everything will be fine!
And if you find time, keep on writing!