Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hooray for holidays!

It's Tuesday evening and tomorrow we have no school. I love La Hispanidad! Whatever it is.

Today we had three really good classes. I met my group as usual at 8:30 in the morning and we went through everything for the day. I presented the case for Analysis of Business Problems, which went fine I guess. First class was Decision Analysis, in which we did a review of probability problems and then got some feedback on an intuitive decisions test we all took on Saturday. We'll be getting more feedback on this next week, and I'm interested to see how it all turns out. Basically, our professor told us that it's not a good idea to talk in probability terms because people usually get confused. Um, I could've told him that without any research at all!

Next we had Analysis of Business Problems, for which we had prepared a case about a German drugstore contemplating whether to create an online sales presence. I liked this case because there were few numbers to run (well, lots of them if you don't mind making a gazillion assumptions, but I'm not too big on assumptions) and I had already worked out my answer. In fact, I made a suggestion in class that the company might try and the professor said, "Hmmm that's good, I never thought of that before." We have to prepare a report in the coming week and a half on another case, so I'll definitely be looking to my team members for help on this one.

During lunch I reviewed my notes for my presentation. I made some changes to the outline I had prepared and tried to organize everything clearly. When it came time for the four victims to make our presentations, I got to go first (thought I'd be going 2nd) because, well, ladies first. Sweet. I like setting the bar and not having to worry about what anyone else has done. If other people can jump over my bar, that's cool. I just don't want to have to jump over anyone else's bar!

Anyway, it seemed to go really well. I don't think I looked at my outline or notes at all. I just looked around at everyone and chatted away as if I were talking to one person. I was definitely a little nervous, but it's really not so hard when you know everyone is friendly and supportive. And it's hard to not support someone who is really passionate and excited about something, like I am about having a film company. I finished up by saying I'm at business school to learn how to start my company and also to find a CFO and people who want to get into film finance. After my presentation, the professor asked if anyone had any comments, and someone said, "Yeah, where do I send my CV?" A few other students who I don't know as well also told me that they are interested in starting something similar, or know people who do... So I guess the company can start now!

After class I went through a bunch of CVs for people. I think I've edited a dozen of them now, and I still have more to do. But I'm happy to help because I know there will be plenty of times in the future when I'll need some serious help myself. This evening I had to go downtown to return the mobile phone Casey rented while he was here and also run some errands. Now I'm procrastinating by writing this instead of reading accounting.... Later I'm going to dinner with Huy (from yesterday's picture) and my teammate Gabriel and his girlfriend Mimi, who are both from the US. Then we may go to celebrate 3 IESE birthdays, but I'm planning to make it an early night because I want to get lots of work done tomorrow morning!


ONE BRICK F I L M S said...

I'm interested in hearing more about you - and your ideas about getting involved in film finance. I'm in Los Angeles - but am from Boston - work in film production and finance. I am definitely seeking collaborators. How are you?

Anonymous said...

I thought business school is supposed to be BOOORRRRRINGGGG!!!You guys are making B-school sound like much too much fun! Clearly you are all working hard, but who would have expected you to be having so many laughs and such supportive classmates? Where do I sign up?

iese2006 said...

Hi Noelle, it was a big and joyfull surprise to find out that a first year IESE had the spirit to maintain a blog during the first year. I saw the other two blogs and they are pretty good too. I support your initiative and hope you keep up the spirit.

I must say that three of us second years felt motivated to creat a blog too. And it's rolling at the address seen under the name. We hope this way can become a good way to give you first years some advices during the year. We still don't know all the potential. We hope we'll have some fun too.


NoellieBellie said...

Hey thanks! The blog is a fun way for me to procrastinate when I should really be doing accounting. Awesome!

KBA - I am surviving. More or less. And I am adding MBA students to my production company every day!